Summer Girlfriends  -  "Goth Beach Party" Music Video  -  2013  -  Makeup Only. 

Coupleskate  -  "Laws of Physics" Music Video  -  2009  - Directed by: mmproject

Life Lessons Trailer  -  2011  -  Makeup Only.

A young girl struggling to master the art of ballet learns that life is all about the choices we make. 

Fitting Trailer  -  2012  -  Makeup Only. 

It has been eight years since Hope Fairfield and Ally Spencer have seen each other, and now they have been accidentally put into the same bridal fitting room. Ally has been dating her guy for the last 10 years, and is in yet another ugly bridesmaid dress. Hope, the ever free spirit, who was never going to get married, is now wearing white, and becomes determined to help Ally get into a white dress of her own. Hilarity ensues

The Other One Trailer  -  2014  -  Lead Makeup

Official Selection and Audience Choice Nominee, Chicago International Film Festival October 2014. Written/Directed by: Josef Steiff 

Dolls  -  Director: Randy Caspersen  -  2008  

When teenager Thomas rediscovers his dolls in the attic, his mother demands they go and insists that he work the annual garage sale where a devilish ten-year-old boy defaces the beloved childhood toys. As he struggles to save his dolls, his mother begins to see the part of her son she always overlooked.